Well-being pressed flowers cards making kit

Well-being pressed flowers cards making kit


After selling eco friendly pressed flower cards , the time has come to give you the opportunity to make your own in the comfort of your own home! 


Happy By Harper is about creativity for better mental health - and picking and pressing wildflowers to use on cards came right at the beginning of my journey to better mental health and well-being. This kit allows you to take some time to yourself, or with friends, to slow down and get in touch with your creative side! Each kit contains:


  • A selection of hand pressed flowers - wildflowers picked on deserted industrial land in London, and homegrown flowers on my balcony 
  • 3 cards and envelopes made from recycled paper
  • 3 clear pouches to keep your cards safe before you use them (a plant fibre equivalent to plastic, and biodegradable) 
  • A clear drying glue stick
  • A leaflet written by me with tips for making your cards


Each box’s contents are hand wrapped, and every piece of wrapping is either recycled or recyclable.


The kits can be used by anyone, adults and children alike. The kit is lovely to do alone for “me time”, and also fantastic in a group with friends, over Zoom or in person! Ideal for hen parties, baby showers, as new home gifts or just for a fun and different catch up with friends or family! 


Kits are also available to buy for soy candle making. In the candle making process you will have a 30 minute gap while your candle sets, which is the perfect opportunity to make cards!