Olive dish in colour of your choice

Olive dish in colour of your choice


These pieces became seconds before they were even finished - but that makes them very special, because it means you can choose your own colour choice, and have them delivered after they have their glaze firing, within a month! All 3 have cracks in their bases which may get slightly larger in the 2nd firing - this will make them more fragile but still perfectly usable as the cracks won’t come through to the front side. 

These platters are designed for olives or cherries - place them round the outside and use the middle to discard the stones, and for cocktail sticks. Didn’t realise until now that you needed one of these, am I right?! This platter could also be used for crudités and dips. 

You can choose whichever colours you like from my range - examples on the final picture on this post! You could even combine 2 or more colours in a splatter effect… the options are endless! 

Price: £15 (40% discount) + £4 postage 

PIECE WILL BE POSTED WITHIN A MONTH ONCE YOU HAVE CHOSEN YOUR COLOUR - I will be in touch via email to confirm your colour choice.