Nested pinch pots

Nested pinch pots


Set of nested bowls made in the ‘pinch pot’ style, by hand. Each set is unique. Perfect for dips, olives, nuts, berries... any snacks! Sold as a set of 2 or 3:


Small size (approx 9cm wide):

  • Ice crystal (set of 2 the same size)


Medium size (ranging from 8cm-14cm wide)

  • Blue rutile: set of 3
  • Emerald green: set of 3 (to note, the largest green bowl is a slightly different shade to the other 2, just because of how they came out the kiln!)
  • Sunshine yellow (set of 3)


Large size (ranging from 10-22cm wide) 

  • Dark blue (set of 3): the small and medium sized bowls are finished in a shinier glaze, and the largest has come out in a more matte, purpley glaze.


Available in a choice of colours, but other colours and designs can be made on request - please contact me to discuss.


Food and dishwasher safe.

  • Care

    Food and dishwasher safe