Handmade ceramic coasters (sets of 2)

Handmade ceramic coasters (sets of 2)


Handmade ceramic circular coasters, sold in sets of 2. Each glazed in 2 tones and made by hand, not with any sort of mould. For this reason they're not perfectly circular or perfectly flat but are brilliant for protecting surfaces from hot drink marks!


Sets of 2 coasters available in different colours! 


  • Blue rutile and white
  • Sunshine yellow and white
  • “Ocean waves” / dark green: slightly wobbly / warped. Fine for heavy/wide based cups eg tea and coffee cups, but probably not stable enough for wine glasses (reduced price)
  • Lavender blue: One set normal, one set warped as above (reduced price)
  • Rainforest green and white: one slightly warped (reduced price)
  • Emerald green: A slight glaze imperfection on one coaster as shown in the picture (reduced price)