Eco friendly soy candles

Eco friendly soy candles


Lovingly handmade candles with a variety of essential and fragrance oils and home dried flowers and fruits.  Each candle is unique and made separately. I use eco-friendly soy wax and avoid the use of plastic in production. All my candles are made using recycled glass jars, helping to reduce waste, and packaged in recycled packaging. When burning, soy wax burns clear, rather than leaving the sooty black stains of traditional paraffin candles. This is better for your airways, and for the air around you! 


Using recycled jars means each candle within a range (eg medium size, lavender scent, or large size, jasmine & grapefruit scent) is different and may come with or without a lid - if you would like to choose the exact candle before purchase, or request a lid, please contact me and I will send you photos of the candles currently in stock.


Scents available:

  • Lavender (essential oil) with home-dried lavender buds - Ideal for bringing calmness to your home and helping you get ready for a peaceful sleep.
  • Eucalyptus & Peppermint (essential oils) with dried mint - These 2 essential oils blend beautifully to create a refreshing, uplifting scent, perfect for bathrooms, morning burning or in the kitchen to get rid of unwanted food smells.
  • Jasmine (fragrance oil) & Grapefruit (essential oil) with dried grapefruit - The unmistakeable scent of this beautiful white, tropical flower blends perfectly with the sweet, citrusy notes of grapefruit. Perfect for any room in the house, and popular as a gift, loved by all.
  • Lime (essential oil) & Lily of the Valley (fragrance oil) with dried lime - Floral but refreshing, this is perfect for anyone who likes a balanced candle to add a zing to their every day.
  • Patchouli & Rose (fragrance oils) with dried rose petals - a beautifully floral mix perfect to remind you of summer days!
  • (Limited edition) Forest: A unique blend of pine, fir needle (essential) and musk, sandawood and lily of the valley (fragrance) oils, topped with crushed pine cones. When these are sold out, that will be it until next winter!
  • (Limited edition) Winterberry Nutcracker: Sweet but earthy, this blend contains mixed nut, mixed berry and cinnamon fragrance oils, topped with crushed pink peppercorns. When these are sold out, that will be it until next winter!


Please note - I have recently changed my labels so the presentation will be slightly different to in these photos.