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Berry bowl - perfect for autumn fruits!

Berry bowl - perfect for autumn fruits!


This berry bowl is the perfect size to keep a punnet or 2 of berries in. What’s a berry bowl I hear you ask? It’s the new home for happy berries – wash them in it, let the water drain onto the saucer through the holes, and keep them there so that they’ll stay fresher longer with lots of space and air. Far better than being stuck in plastic pots!


Emerald green berry bowl - £38

Rainforest green berry bowl - £28 (on sale because some of the holes are blocked with glaze - but still perfectly useable!)

Blue rutile - £32 (a tinsy crack in the bottom of the bowl and saucer, which don't affect its use, and you can't see once berries are inside)

  • Care

    Food and dishwasher safe

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